Professional Counseling Services in Olney, MD

Sometimes reaching out for help isn't easy. Counseling could be exactly what you need to move forward and make positive changes in your life. Whether it is anxiety, sadness or excessive worry, or even an unhealthy relationship with food/exercise, counseling will allow you to become your better self.  Depending on your goals, you and your counselor will  work together to come up with ways to meet these goals along with acquiring insight into your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. We support a variety of clients and use different approaches depending on their needs. We provide counseling in Olney and Bethesda, MD.  We want to Empower You to Make Positive Changes.

Eating Disorder Counseling

Eating Disorders can start at any age; whether as a child/teenager you became more aware of your body in order to cope with the outside world, or as an adult to cope... read more

Individual Counseling

Professional Individual Counseling Services in Olney MD

Individual Counseling is something that may help you. No matter what you may be struggling with or need support with, seeking out counseling can help guide... read more

Family Counseling

Licensed Family Counseling Services in Olney MD

Family Counseling allows each member of the family unit to learn how to communicate more effectively with one another. Whether it is to help the family... read more

Areas of Expertise and Population Served


Specializing in Eating Disorder​ Counseling and Body Image

Anxiety Disorders

Depressive and Mood Disorders

Individual Counseling for Adolescents and Adults

Family Counseling

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