Kate is passionate about therapy and women’s empowerment. She brings her full self into the therapeutic relationship and builds strong bonds with her clients through authenticity.

Mary-Blair (Dannals) Holden, LGPC, NCC

I have had the pleasure of being able to work with Kate as a supervisor and as a colleague. Kate is a highly ambitious therapist, who continuously seeks out learning opportunities to continue to develop her therapeutic skills. Kate is a wonderful collaborator and seeks out inputs from all team members. Personally, I have always enjoyed Kate’s work as a group therapist. Kate tends to be direct with clients in a group format, which can allow her clients to develop lasting relationships with themselves and others.

Carissa L. Strohecker Hannum, MA, LCPC, LPC

It’s a privilege to share a testimonial about working with Kate Stephens, an invaluable partner when helping patients recover from their eating disorder. Kate has a skill for sensing what clients are thinking and feeling, thus enlightening their journey and effectively informing my nutritional treatment plans. Her passion for helping others is contagious, and I appreciate the honest, direct and respectful manner in which she interacts with peers and clients alike. Warm and compassionate, I breathe a sigh of relief when learning a client is in her caring hands and recommend her highly!

Jane Henley, MS, RD

Nooshin literally saved my life. She is an incredible therapist who cares deeply for her clients. She never lost faith in me, even when I was at my lowest. Nooshin is the perfect balance of candid and kind – she will always tell you the truth, even when it is difficult to hear. Those who have bounced between therapists know that this honesty means you will actually see results. If you put in the work, your life can change for the better, and Nooshin will guide you on your journey to change.

When I was at my lowest, Nooshin worked hard to convince me that my life was worth living and was instrumental in getting me into an eating disorder treatment facility. She never pushed too hard or ignored my wishes. She addressed all of my concerns, even the ones that were ridiculous and unfounded.

It has been over four years since my first appointment with Nooshin and I feel so grateful that I found such an amazing counselor. Without Nooshin, I honestly would not be in recovery, and I seriously doubt I would be alive.

If you are looking for an amazing therapist and are willing to put in the work to change – especially for those looking for eating disorder treatment – do yourself the favor of calling or emailing Nooshin. Productive therapy is not easy, but Nooshin will be with you every step of the way

Facebook Review

Nooshin is a competent, kind and accomplished eating disorder specialist and therapist. Knowing that she has worked at an eating disorder treatment facility, I appreciate her expertise and will often consult with her on cases where I have concern about a client’s behaviors around food and eating. I have referred numerous clients to her for consultation and treatment, have recommended her to other clinicians who need to refer clients, and also have the privilege of collaborating with her on complex clinical cases where a client has an eating disorder along with a history of trauma. We are very lucky to have Nooshin in our therapist community and I would have no reservations about sending a close friend or family member to be evaluated and treated by her.

Lisa Garcia, MSW, LCSW-C, Trauma-focused and EMDR certified Clinical Social Worker

Nooshin is a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist who is always striving to help clients look for solutions! It is delightful to work with her, I refer to her whenever I can!

Dr. Colleen Neumann, Eating Disorder Psychologist

I’ve been referring to Nooshin for counseling services for my clients for years. She is a fantastic therapist – skilled, compassionate, professional. She is so caring in her approach. I highly recommend her and SO value our collegiate friendship!

Dr. Daisy Miller, Eating Disorder Dietitian

Nooshin in AMAZING! As a dietitian working with eating disorders and body image she is on the top of my list when it comes to therapists to send clients to. She makes clients feel supported and I know they are in capable hands. I love Nooshin’s non-judgmental approach and how comfortable she makes clients feel. Nooshin has helped so many of my clients challenge their food and body image judgments and find freedom from shame. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her!

Sam Tryon, RD, Eating Disorder Dietitian

Working with Nooshin has been amazing! Nooshin clearly pours her heart into supporting her clients in recovery. The clients we share are so lucky to have her. She is truly knowledgeable about eating disorders and I have found my clients feel extremely comfortable with her. So happy to have her in the Olney area where there is quite the lack of resources!

Alexandra Raymond, RD, LD, Eating Disorder Dietitian