Group Counseling in Gaithersburg, MD

Trauma Groups:

Are you looking for peace from your past trauma? Do you find it impacting your relationships, values, and perceptions in life? Our trauma group could be a great supplement to your individual work with your therapist. Please click here for the flyer for our trauma group.

Eating Disorder Groups:

Are you in recovery from an eating disorder and need additional support? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food and/or with your body? Empowering You now offers three weekly therapeutic support groups for those in recovery from an eating disorder or needing more support with unhealthy relationships with food and/or their bodies.

Group members will work on identifying barriers to recovery, exploring emotions and discussing how body image impacts their behaviors, self-talk and emotions.

We are currently offering four outpatient groups (ALL GROUPS ARE VIRTUAL AT THIS TIME)

  1. Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:45pm: Adult group
  2. Tuesdays 7pm-8pm: High School/Teen Group
  3. Wednesdays 4pm-5pm: High School/Teen Group
  4. Tuesdays 4pm-5:15pm: Adult group

Please contact us or read our flyer with more information on our group counseling for eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Group Therapy in Sandy Spring, MD