Month: September 2022

The Nuances of Body Image

People with and without eating disorders struggle with their body image; for some, it becomes a clinical concern whereas for others, it’s more of a nuisance. Either way, it can be helpful to understand the different components of body image and why curiosity and neutrality are the key to stopping bad body image moments from… Read more »

Higher Levels of Care 101

For some people entering the eating disorder world, they may hear the words “higher level of care” and wonder what that means and how it may apply to them or their loved one. This is intended to break down the different levels and why they can be helpful.  Generally speaking, higher levels of care refer… Read more »

My Intake is Scheduled – What Do I Ask?

Congratulations on taking such a significant step toward recovery by deciding to complete an intake at an eating disorder treatment program! Commonly known as higher levels of care, these programs are designed to incorporate wrap-around care and more intense support, thus speeding up the recovery process compared to working just at the outpatient level. Many… Read more »