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Anxiety… What does it mean and what can I do?

Anxiety; Not only do we hear about it, but we most likely need to cope with it ourselves on a daily basis. So is anxiety a bad thing? In a way, we are taught that it is bad to be anxious, when really, it is completely normal and healthy to feel anxiety. The purpose of… Read more »

I Have Sought Support for my Eating Disorder… Now What?

CONGRATS!! You have taken the first step towards being in recovery! It won’t be easy, but hopefully you will have a solid treatment team and a great support outlet to help you through this process. It is recommended you prepare for the following as you enter this first step: Your Team It is recommened that… Read more »

So, What’s an Eating Disorder Anyway?

What is an eating disorder? Historically, the media has portrayed eating disorders as an obsession to be thin and an unwillingness to eat by those who are seemingly underweight. This stereotype has unfortunately “shamed” many women (and men) with eating disorders because they don’t fit this mold; they are told they don’t “look” like they… Read more »